Monday, August 5, 2013

there was this draft.. Subject header "Good Evening."

I wrote this, and was going to send it to my mom in 2011, at three in the morning. I don't remember writing it, I found it in my drafts this morning. Its been gathering dust. I still haven't sent it
I was going to fix all of the spelling errors but I sort of love the original format.

Ma'am. As it is, I could sail off, so to speak, and leave you all behind. My age prevents me from doing so. Also I believe, there are certain obsticles to leaveing one world to face another. It would be interesting to see where a random path in a random country would take you if it were a predetermined course. I mean, do you think there was a design to the way your life has gone? you've come along way from infancy, but do you feel like you've let something fall? have you any regets that you would change if you could? perhaps an opportunity that you didn't take, or an opportuntity that you shouldn't have taken but did. If it was pre determined that opportunitys would be presented to you, than it would be okay no matter what path you took right? or is it all, your paths presented the road you'd choose, the out come. I like to think it's completly in my control. My life and everthing in it. Because if it isn't that means, we all have a loop, a loop we're born in a loop we'll die with. But that presupposes of course that there is in fact a supreme designer. Which could be true.
Think for me. Is it life that hold us, rather than us in control of life. This messege is the beggining of the rest of you're life from this point to infinity. You could make of it what you want but something always stops us from moveing on past what we believe we were meant to be. I want something else. I want a life with the sun. A drop of intfinity- a life where I don't email you raveings because I have no other outlit. I suppose you have to be in a m,ood to understand another person's raveings.. you have to be equally pumped about whatever subject ther're presenting, so I honestly have'nt the slightest idea what you'll make of this. I'm just hopeing it's another thing that you'll remember me for.


  1. Very nice and philosophical. :-)
    (write me a mail!!!!)