Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is what makes us girls.

I have already changed there topic of this post around three times in my head, just in the time it took for the "new post" page to load. So I guess the right thing to do here is to tell you this wont be my best. I am really tired, its late, schools pluuuu, as well as my current life stream- pluuu.
(that's I think me blowing a raspberry)
I'm wondering about transcendentalism right now, it seems to be the one thing I have an opinion on quickly. If you were like, so transcendentalism, I could get going, for real.
Its everything my parents have made their religion, and consequently mine for the longest time. But there are newer parts that I'm really into like the whole in love with childhood standpoint.
mine lasted about 16 years, so I can give a real awesome first had interview should anyone ask for it.
however, like most of my conversational topics that I really want to talk about, no one's listening. I want to tear out my head. I listen to their crummy theories.
Why do I want to be heard so badly, isn't that like super pretentious. < no question mark, it was rhetorical. Also, I already know the answer... wait I think that's what rhetorical means.
Anyway, transcendentalism, right?
I love Lana del ray, BT dubs.


  1. Lana Del Rey is the best. I think her fandom is really interesting too!

    I am so in love with childhood and the idea of childhood. I get nostalgia like daily.

    I love your blog- keep it up! (:

    1. aww thanks, me too. young and beautiful in Gatsby- just all that is perfect. Childhood is so transcendentalism the movement.. Definitely wordsworthian in influence. Glad it's still relevant!

  2. Hi Eileen!
    I have a new blog!
    Please mail me!
    (Yes, my google account calls other ;-))